Parts Guide

Internal parts

Bolt stripped into 3 parts Bolt is made of steel and has a polished finish. It is comprised of two separate parts, the front which contains the eight locking lugs near the face, and the  rear part which acts as a cam during the locking/unlocking stage.

Bolt locking lugs
Bolt face showing the locking lugs.

The bolt is held together by a spring steel clip and within the bolt is the firing pin and spring.

Bolt Stop is located at the rear of the receiver Bolt stop

The Extractor is held into the right side of the bolt by the cocking handle. It is made of machined steel. 


The hammer and Mainspring are located in the butt group. The mainspring telescopes back on itself into the butt.

Looking into buttstock showing trigger mechanism

Butt group showing top of hammer (shiney part) in cocked position and the mainspring can be seen at the in the semi-circular cutout near the extreme left of the photograph.

Schematic Diagrams of the rifle's internal parts taken from the users manual.