How To Field Strip The Johnson Model Of 1941 Rifle

Warning: This Procedure Is Complicated-Do Not Try To Disassemble Your Rifle If You're Not Sure How To Put It Back Together Again!!

1. Check the Magazine and chamber to make sure the weapon is unloaded. Cock the action to ensure the hammer is cocked.

2. Removing barrelWith the point of a bullet or similar drift, push on the latch plunger of the hinged barrel latch found in the hole located near to the front of the right side of the forend. Simultaneously push the barrel rearwards.

3.Barrel removed from receiver Raise the cocking handle with the thumb of the left hand to the unlocked position and withdraw the barrel forwards away from the receiver.

4. Removing bolt stopDisengage the bolt stop plate plunger with the point of a bulleted round or drift, and lift out the bolt stop plate.

5.Disengaging the link Remove bolt stop and disengage the link from the main spring plunger. Raise the cocking handle and retract the bolt two inches.

6. Taking the extractor from the boltGrasp the knob of the operating handle spindle (the small piece located in the middle of the face of the cocking handle) and pull it outward. Slide the operating handle forward until it is clear of the shoulders in the extractor recess and then remove it. Lift out the extractor.

7. Bolt emerging from rear of receiverGrasp the projecting end of the link and pull it to the rear, withdrawing the bolt through the rear end of the receiver.

8.Disassembled bolt showing the 3 componants

Rotate the locking cam counter-clockwise and remove it from the bolt, remove the firing pin.

9.Removing stock Disengage the hammer block pin and push it out with the point of a bullet or drift; This pin is located behind the feed lips on the right hand side of the weapon. Pull off the butt stock.

This completes basic field stripping. Further disassembly is NOT recommended.

Componants laid out in order

The Model of 1941 Johnson shown field stripped.

Parts (listed top to botton L to R )


Bolt Stop Plate, Bolt Stop, Cocking Handle, Hammer Block Pin,


Barrel Unit,

Firing Pin & Spring,

Link and Locking Cam, Firing Pin Stop, Bolt,


To assemble reverse the stripping procedure, except when replacing the bolt unit remember to depress the magazine cover which then will allow the bolt to go fully home - took me a while to work that one out!