Color photo of Johnson Rifle

Thanks to the following people for making this project possible -

Walt Liss for supplying me with items from his personal archive of Johnson articles and documents.

Frank Walter for information and proof reading my pages and supplying me with Garand related information.

Bob Lamoreaux, for sharing some of his research with me.

Hap Rocketto, for sharing information and photos he had acquired for a magazine article he wrote.

Frank Iannamico for supplying some of the magazine articles used.

Anyone else who has emailed me with support or information.


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U.S. Infantry Weapons Of WW2 by Bruce Canfield, Andrew Mowbray Publishers, Lincoln, RI.; 1994 . (If you want a good book about WW2 US military weapons get this one) .

The M1 Garand: WORLD WAR 2 by Scott Duff, P.O. Box 414, Export, PA; 1994. (First in an excellent series by the author - well worth buying).

The Johnson Model Of 1941 Users Manual - Johnson Automatics Trust, India Bldg., 84 State Street, Boston, Mass; 1941

International Armament (Volume 2) by George B. Johnson & Hans Bert Lockhoven, International Small Arms Publishers, Cologne, Germany; 1965

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