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Welcome to the Johnson Rifle Site message Board. This is a interactive site for collectors and those people interested in the Johnson 41 rifle and other inventions of Melvin M. Johnson Jr. to get together and both post and leave messages.

Rules of the Site

Keep it clean, no flaming others, stay on topic as best you can. Since most collectors also have a Garand or two, the Forum will be open to Garand collectors too as well as those of all US military weapons in the 1892 to 1945 period.

The owner of this Site/BBS reserves the right to remove any message at anytime without prior notice or reason being given.

Do not post street addresses or phone numbers when buying/selling/trading parts, use your e-mail . If you are buying or selling firearms, please abide by all BATF regulations,and all other applicable laws, rules and ordinances, be they Federal, State or Local.

That's it come on in!

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